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If you need an original design, if you have the details for it and you need someone to turn it into a ready to print design, all you have to do is fill in the form below.

Usually the price range for custom design work with full copyright to the owner is between $450-500 /design, depending on the complexity of the graphic. Also, to start a job we ask for 50% of the project amount in advance. After the project is done and all the designs or other graphic materials are approved, we ask for the remaining 50% and we transfer all the rights to the owner, signing a “work for hire” agreement which will be sent via e-mail, fax or regular post if necessary.

what can we do:

Promotional materials, flyers, posters, cd covers, book covers
Vector designs for embroidery business
Custom t-shirt graphics
Recreate design or small logo from raster to vector
Recreate design or small logo from raster to vector
Corporate identity and branding

1. Communication

We never get to work until we discuss all the details and discover everything that you need. We strive to understand and have a fruitful cooperation because we never give you anything less that what you need. Communication with us is the key point in starting a successfull partnership.

2. Feedback

After getting the gist of what you need, we put pen to paper and produce the first impressions, analyze our angles and present the direction in which you can go on – possibilities and ideals. This is a key point in which you will steer us towards or away from what we are planning. We never forget that your vision is the key player in the process.

3. Evolution

This is where we are in sync with your vision and can develop and manifest in the confinement of your needs. As you have approved the style , our studio is where the magic unfolds and we are closer and closer to the final shapes and feels, in order to give you something to be proud of.

4. Retouches

The rounded, completed design is up for your final revision and last tweaks. It is never too perfect and there is always room to make your project even better, so do not be afraid to ask the best for your business, because we can bring it you. You will have the final say in your final product!

5. Success

Congrats to a successfull partnership that made you love your product! We always aim to bring you quality and originality. At this stage both parties have met their end of the bargain and you can enjoy the results of your patience and our creativity. Packed, sealed and delivered!

Please fill in the fields below in order to provide as much information as possible to help us understand the characteristics of the design you want.